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Public Taxi service in Novara


With a virtually unlimited service radius, every location or city is within your grasp

operating hours

We operate every day, including holidays, from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Please call us during working hours for info regarding night rides


Our car fleet boasts of a number of vehicles capable of transporting up to 7 people including the driver


Our drivers and their vehicles are prepared to welcome people with disabilities and wheelchairs

Payment methods

Each vehicle is equipped with a POS terminal which accepts all major international Debit and Credit Cards

Domestic animals

We welcome all pets with their carriers and larger furry friends upon agreement with the driver

About Us

The public taxi service of novara is represented by all qualified taxi drivers equipped with a valid license and permits issued by the district

Our promises

Our mission is to transform our job into a top of the line service that goes much further than a simple mean of transportation. Here's how we do it


We put the largest taxi fleet of Novara at your disposal which includes 23 cabs fitted out with all the comforts you would expect


Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we assure that we will reach your destination through the quickest route available


Accuracy and kindness are our main selling points. We will make sure to satisfy even the most exigent customers


Each vehicle is equipped with a taximeter and our fees are determined administratively by the competent bodies


First impression is important. We follow a rigorous dress-code and our cars are constantly kept clean and well maintained


Whether you need a hand with your luggage or you need to be accompanied somewhere, feel free to ask, we'll never refuse to help

our travellers

Professionals with no time to lose, families embarking on a vacation, young people looking for a safe way back home late at night... We welcome each one of our customers with utmost competence and courtesy, treasuring your schedule and wholeheartedly committing to it.